Are You A Professionally Licensed Property Manager or Vacation Property Management Agency?

Here is how you can become verified & enjoy some free vacation time.

  • 1. Host a Verifier
  • 2. Become a Verifier
  • 3. Vacation for Free

If you are a licensed vacation property manager or vacation rental director, you can apply to have your company and properties verified. There is no fee or charge for participating in the Verified Vacations™ network. After verification is complete for your company and a specific property, you or a member of your team become qualified to verify a participating management company and property.

For every property you manage which is independently verified, you or a member of your team have access to verify another participating company and property! Essentially, you and your team vacation free of charge in exchange for contributing to the network and helping promote and improve our industry as a whole.

Contribute Nights

Contribute a 4 night stay for a specific property your company manages. Some date restrictions are acceptable.

We'll Notify All Verifiers

A message will be sent to the network of property managers participating in the verification process.

Reservation Taken

Once a verified manager selects your property, our Core Team will contact you to make the reservation.

Verification Begins

An independent property manager participating in the network (a Verifier) will complete a vacation at your property at no charge to him or her.

Internal & Private Feedback

The Verifier will complete a private feedback form with ideas and suggestions of improvements about your process, presentation, and property.

Public Review Created

After giving private feedback, your Verifier will complete a public review showcasing your company's and the property's strengths and features.

Team Double Check

Our core team connects with you and the Verifier to double check everything is completed properly and to your satisfaction.

Display Your Badge

Our core team sends you a custom Verified Vacations™ badge for your company as well as one for the property which was individually verified.

Now You Can Vacation & Verify

Once your badge is active & displayed on your website and property, you are officially a Verifier and can vacation & verify other participating companies or properties.