You Have Questions.

We Have Answers.

"What is the fee for our vacation management company to participate in the Verified Vacations™ exchange network?"

There is no charge to have your company or properties verified. Seriously... there is no fee.

"How is it possible there is no fee?! What's the catch?"

Vacation property managers created the exchange & verification network for other vacation property managers. Every once in awhile, something amazing is created that's free. Sponsorship from related service providers is how Verified Vacations™ generates income.

"Do I have to be a vacation property manager to vacation and verify properties?"

Yes... or a vacation rental director. 'Verifiers' must be licensed and active in vacation property management.

"Can I have my property verified if I am a homeowner self managing my vacation property?"

Not until you list with a professional vacation rental management company. 😏

"I'm a real estate agent but not a vacation property manager. Can I be a 'Verifier' and vacation free too?"

No, sorry. Only active vacation rental managers and directors are qualified to be Verifiers.

"What is the benefit to my client/homeowner to have his or her property verified?"

It's no secret that online reviews generate reservations, and having an independent industry professional recommend your client's property as well as your management company is an entirely new level of quality & validation to a potential guest.

"What is the benefit to our property management company?"

Aside from the public, online review your 'Verifier' provides highlighting the strengths & benefits of your management company, you'll receive private, non public feedback from your Verifier on how you can improve your processes and presentation.

"What is the benefit to our property management staff?"

Free vacations make happy managers and happy managers make a better business. Additionally, experiencing other management companies's processes and presentation will provide your managers with insight into improving your management company, the properties they manage, as well as their individual work habits. They also deserve some free vacations.

"What is a 'Verifier'?"

A "Verifier" is a licensed, independent vacation rental manager or director of a management company which has been verified already.

"What are some of the other restrictions for being a 'Verifier'?"

A 'Verifier' must also be at least 30 years of age and have a minimum of 1 consecutive year in the vacation rental management industry.

"How does Verified Vacations™ decide if our vacation contribution to the network is qualified?"

It's at our discretion, but we know you will pick excellent properties to be verified. We also may decide your property contribution is so excellent, you qualify for more than 1 free vacation for your single contribution.

"What if we want all our properties verified?"

In the future, we plan to offer full vacation program verification, however for now... you can contribute up to 3 total vacations of 4 nights each.

"What if our management company can only contribute a 3 night stay at a property we manage?"

No problem. Once a Verifier completes his or her 3 night stay at your property, you can then reserve up to 3 nights at another participating management company's property.

"We can only contribute a vacation stay in 'non peak' seasons, so should we wait until after peak season to contribute a stay to the network?"

NO. Similar to a guest booking a reservation in advance, a Verifier also must book a stay in advance. Also, the earlier you contribute a stay to the network, the faster you are verified, and the sooner you can vacation & verify others.

"Who pays for housekeeping when we host a Verifier and our company is being verified?"

The hosting company waives any and all fees including housekeeping. Verifiers can not be subject to fees as we do not wish to create the potential for "required fee charges" in the exchange network.

"How many vacations will we receive when we contribute 4 nights at one of our properties?"

For each 4 night stay you contribute and is verified, you'll gain access to 4 nights or 1 vacation in another participating management company's property.

"Once we are verified, can we split our option to vacation into 2 separate stays of 2 nights each?"

We already created free vacations for our industry, so don't be greedy. 😉

"As a 'Verifier' can I select any property on the hosting management company's program?"

Properties are selected by the host and regularly sent via email to the network of 'Verifiers'. Only those properties are available for use. Date restrictions may apply.

"How many people can go on our trip when we are verifying another management company and their property?"

As many as you'd like and allowable by occupancy! We, as well as the host management company, expect you to verify the full vacation experience, so vacationing with your friends, family, and/or co-workers will make that more likely.

"How lengthy is the verification material I will be completing once I am a Verifier?"

We have a preconstructed digital form to complete immediately upon completion of your stay. It takes just a few minutes and then you're done. After the form, you'll need to submit your online, public reviews of the company and property too.

"How will we know what options are available for vacation once our company is verified?"

We periodically send out a message with all the vacation options available.

"Can we see a list of vacation options before we contribute a stay at one (or more) of our managed properties?"

Sure you can! Select the "Apply & Request Verification" below, enter your contact information, and you'll periodically receive the list of vacation options we distribute to the exchange network.