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How It Works

Guests Find You

Guests find you on an accommodations or vacation rental website and consider staying with you.

Guests See Your Badge

Your 'Host of Excellence' Badge shows your commitment to Quality, Safety, and Integrity.

Guests Book With You

The vacation marketplace is more competitive than ever, and guests desire above average hosts, like you.

Incredible Guests Prefer Incredible Hosts

Display & share your badge to improve your booking conversions, capture guest confidence, validate your professionalism. Use your badge in your email signature, in your listing description, in your host profile summary, as a watermark on your photos, on your private website, or even on your host business cards.2 Use it anywhere & everywhere you'd like.

Hosts of Excellence enjoy an average booking increase of $3,622 every year.3

Watermark Your Property Photos

Show your property as the one and only choice. Add your badge to your photos.2

Nice Touch!

Personalize your guests' experience
and use your badge on your "in-house" print material.

Enhance Your Professionalism

Guests seek reassurance. Use your badge in your email signature.

Boost Your Listing Language

It's okay for hosts to boast. Modify your description to show you offer more than your competitors.